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she had once loved a man who was whiskered and beautiful

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Month: September, 2010

Fixed: The secret to staying young is never growing up.

27 September, 2010 (08:02) | A Lovesong of Rooks, The Beacon City | By: Gabihime

Lauren (one of the several I know) recently made a comment on “People of our generation refusing to grow up,” and included a humorous picture to illustrate her point. Reading the comment and seeing the picture, I couldn’t help but reflect on my own strong feelings on the subject, which I had addressed, some time [...]

Canto I – Whistle in the Dark: The stars fall

21 September, 2010 (19:59) | A Lovesong of Rooks, The Final Days | By: Gabihime

So, although it ended up being a little muggy this afternoon, a storm appears to be rolling in. Outside, walking into the wind, I caught the smell of something dead and rotting, faintly sweet and very foetid. I couldn’t find what made the smell at all, although I looked around for it. A mysterious smell [...]

Finally, a sanitized version of the prologue

21 September, 2010 (02:20) | A Lovesong of Rooks, The Final Days | By: Gabihime

For some months I have been pressing a half-finished, messy, and deranged set of ramblings on people and claiming it’s the prologue of Lovesong. I have not yet drawn the prologue, as I should, but it’s eleven pages, and that’s pretty intimidating. Not much of Lovesong is actually in sequential art format, just the prologue [...]