one rook's lovesong

she had once loved a man who was whiskered and beautiful

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Finally, a sanitized version of the prologue

21 September, 2010 (02:20) | A Lovesong of Rooks, The Final Days | By: Gabihime

For some months I have been pressing a half-finished, messy, and deranged set of ramblings on people and claiming it’s the prologue of Lovesong. I have not yet drawn the prologue, as I should, but it’s eleven pages, and that’s pretty intimidating. Not much of Lovesong is actually in sequential art format, just the prologue and then a few other interior pages, more or less meant as additional illustrations of dramatic points, unlike the prologue which is meant to stand entirely on its own.

But the prologue is meant to be sequential art. I cannot imagine it in any other way.

At last I present it to you, organized and paginated, in a way I hope is reasonably easy for you to follow. Ultimately, it needs to be drawn, but until it is, please make use of this, the formal script of the prologue of a Lovesong of Rooks.

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