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This is the main page for all setting information.


[edit] Denizens

This section houses information concerning the different inhabitants of the World, both natural and supernatural. Among the residents of the World are the choirs of angelics, the hordes of demons, mortal men and women, those who wake their blood by birthright, the Nephilim, and the Sophiae, the fairy courts.

[edit] Locations

This section deals with the notable locations of the World through all periods of time. Here are locations vital to angelics, demons, fae, and nephilim, as well as those frequented by mortal humans.

[edit] The Flow of time

This section strives to put the events of the World in a semblance of chronological order, organized into ages or epochs.

[edit] World Thematics

This section deals with the whys and wherefores of the world. It explains the World in terms of the philosophy behind it, the nature of the reality present in the world, and the reason why things happen the way that they happen.

[edit] Cosmology

This section deals with the material and mystical construction of the World itself and answers questions that the Denizens only guess at, dealing with the nature of souls and magic, and the fabric of the universe itself.

[edit] Notable Organizations

This section deals with the major factions that move seen or unseen in the World, including angelic groups, demonic coalitions, nephilim clans, and human organizations.

[edit] Major Figures

This section deals with the major figures in the World, angelic, human, demonic, or otherwise.

For now, please navigate using the category link below, as most of the major directory pages have not yet been completed.

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